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A Charming, Family-Oriented Marina

Sailing Associates is a full service, family-owned and operated marina. Established in 1964 and now run by the second generation, the Grieb family is proud to offer a beautifully unique, scenic marina on the Sassafras River, in the heart of Georgetown. With low salinity levels, plenty of deep water anchorages, and sandy beaches, the Sassafras offers some of the best boating experiences the Chesapeake Bay has to offer (and one of the only places that doesn't have sea nettles or jellyfish!). 
SAI is located less than an hour from center city Philadelphia, 75 minutes from Baltimore, and 80 minutes from Washington D.C. Delaware is less than 7 miles! With an easy drive, SAI offers premiere living quarters for your boat while you're gone, and a nice home base for when you're here! Whether you stay at the dock for the weekend or out at anchor, SAI strives for your boat to be the home away from home, your weekend disconnect from the workplace. 

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Full Amenities

From a beautiful pool to the sandy beach (and freshwater Sassafras), kicking back with a good book or going for a swim is just a bathing suit and towel away. Kayaks and paddleboards are available as well for those wanting to go explore the local creeks and scenic wildlife refuges.

BBQ, Music, and More

With grills for customer use, grassy lawns to watch the epic sunsets, and careful landscaping to give a sense of privacy, SAI offers a retreat the whole family can enjoy. 

Things to Do

Enjoy the Food

Sailing Associates neighbors the legendary Fish Whistle at the Granary, an awarded seafood restaurant. The Fish Whistle offers fresh seafood delicacies, sweet desserts, and joyful spirits. It's front door is less than a block from the SAI parking lot. 

Deep Blue at the Kitty Knight offers American food with an exceptional view and sunset deck. Weekend music is a common attraction on the deck. With a short walk or call to Georgetown Yacht Haven for a launch during hours, they make for a nice cocktail hour. 

The Sassafras Harbor Marina Cafe offers breakfast and lunch options and is just a few hundred feet from our driveway. While only opened on the weekends, it's a freshing, local eatery. 

Twinnys is a local breakfast, lunch, and early dinner watering hole. The famous restaurant has been featured numerous times on television for its famous subs, but offers all meals for all travelers. Stop in, order a sub, and go boating! This is a long walk (1.7 miles) but well worth it...or a short drive.

Twinnys with a Twist, a newer branch of Twinnys, offers sugary delights. The dream of every child and (secretly) parents alike, T with a Twist has more than 60 flavors of hand-dipped ice cream, made-to-order waffle cones, coffee and expresso, and numerous other treats. This is always a great Saturday afternoon treat!

Things to Do

Labor Day Parade, Fireworks, and More

You can go anywhere for the 4th of July, and sure, our river is more fun on the 4th than anywhere else, but who else can end the summer with a bigger bang than Georgetown Harbor? With a themed parade, fireworks, multiple music venues, and water that's still pushing temperatures in the upper 80s, Labor Day weekend is always one of the biggest events of the year!

Things to Do

Nature and History

Scenary with a Story

The Sassafras is home to numerous species of birds from Osprey and Blue Heron to the American Bald Eagle. Numerous sites are preserves for colonies of Heron while Ospreys and Eagles have divided the river into dozens of territories. 

The creeks are fishing magnets, offering numerous sport from rockfish to the new snakehead. Fishermen are common scene in both bass boats between the docks while the commercial industry employs pound nets in season. 

Kayaks and canoes are awestruck with the largely-natural scenery to be found along the river and can be found spending hours exploring the more than a dozen various creeks off-shooting the main river channel. 

Inhabitants to the river are nearly as old as the river itself: The Sassafras has seen numerous people and conflict from the Tockwogh tribe to Captain John Smith (1608). The British attempted to burn all of Georgetown during the War of 1812 and our main office (historic house) was burned and rebuilt! The Kitty Knight House, a brothel of the time, was infamously left unscathed after Ms. Kitty Knight pleaded with Admiral Cockburn not to burn it. 

Today, Mount Harmon, a waterfront, historic plantation downriver of Georgetown, offers exceptional historic significance and beauty for both self-guided and guided tours. They host numerous events throughout the year both remain open year-round showcasing both their historical significance as well as providing a window into the cultures of centuries gone by. 

Things to Do

Mount Harmon Point-to-Point

What's more fun then kicking off the boating season then taking your boat to nearby Mount Harmon, anchoring, and motoring to one of the two Mount Harmon docks to watch horse racing? Even better, excellent, locally-crafted food, local vendors, and carriages provide plenty of additional entertainment, and at the end of the day, you can spend the evening watching the unparalleled sunset of the Sassafras!

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Reach out today and see what we can do for you! Whether it's a weekend getaway, place to keep the boat for the season, or permanent home, our door is always open! We'll always greet with a warm welcome, smile, and be ready to help in however we can! When you're here, you're part of the SAI family.s

  1. Address: 78 George Street
  2. City: Georgetown
  3. Check-In: 3:00 pm

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